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Align Pilates

Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole's premier pilates studio offering both group and private pilates instruction.

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Based in Jackson Hole Align Pilates provides a beautiful studio space to help clients enhance their physical performance.

Challenge yourself with private, semi-private and group Pilates classes to test your mind and body. We offer thoughtful teachings, attention to detail and careful instruction to individuals of all skill levels and physical capabilities.

The studio is equipped with 3 reformers, a cadillac, 3 chairs, an avalon chair with ladder barrel, and multiple props to enhance your Pilates practice. Please stop in and see what we are all about!

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Single / Drop In
  • Senior Instructor Private: $110
  • Private - $100
  • Duet – $55
    (Per Person)
  • Semi Private – $45
    (Per Person)
  • Group Reformer – $40
    (Per Person)
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5 Punch Pack
  • Senior Instructor Private: $525
  • Private – $475
  • Duet – $260
  • Semi Private – $200
  • Group Reformer – $175
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10 Punch Pack
  • Senior Instructor Private $1,000
  • Private – $900
  • Duet – $500
  • Semi Private – $350
  • Group Reformer – $300
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Sarah Adams Pilates Instructor



Certification: Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI)

Sarah grew up in Chattanooga, TN, where she found her love for Pilates almost 15 years ago. She was drawn to Pilates because of how much practicing regularly helped her running.

She moved to Jackson in 2012, and spent 8 years as a Sr. Pilates Instructor before take on her own stuido at Align.

Call 307-206-9446 or email to contact.

Tiffaney Mylott Pilates Instructor



Certification: The Pilates Center

Tiffaney has had a lifelong relationship with movement; starting with her background in classical ballet, modern dance & yoga. Pilates was the next natural step in her journey.

Pulling from years of teaching yoga and massage therapy, Tiffaney brings a keen eye for alignment and noticing imbalances in the body and movement patterns. Navigating through her own progressive and degenerative back conditions has allowed her to teach from a place of compassion and understanding for those dealing with chronic pain. Educating herself on pain science & pain’s effect on our nervous system & physical and mental health, continues to support her own experience and those of her clients.

At The Pilates Center (TPC) in Boulder, Tiffaney completed her initial 1000 hour comprehensive classical Pilates teacher training. Under the guidance of Rachel & Amy Taylor who were trained by Romana Kryzanowska (one of Joseph Pilates original students), Tiffaney went on to graduate from their Masters Program. Additionally, she was a host advisor, mentoring trainees through The Pilates Center’s rigorous educational programs.

Tiffaney is thrilled to be back in her hometown of Jackson to share the powerful Pilates method with others. In addition to being a Pilates Method Alliance certified teacher; Tiffaney is dedicated to continuing education. She is currently completing the graduate education program Movement Science Made Simple led by Cara Reeser & Jeremy Laverdure. Outside of teaching Pilates she enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, and hiking with her dog Wilma.

  • 2004 300 Hr. Yoga Teacher Training at Mount Madonna Center
  • 2007 900 Hr. Massage Therapy Training
  • 2018 1000 Hr. Advanced Program Classical Pilates Training at The Pilates Center
  • 2018 The Lost Treasures: Joseph Pilates Archival Exercises
  • 2021 The Lymphatic System & Pilates
  • 2021 The Pilates Center 166 Hr. Masters Program
  • 2021 Franklin Method Lower Back Fascia Workshop
  • 2022 Graduate Program: Movement Science Made Simple

Call 208-270-0258 or email to book a private.

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Berry Burton Pilates Instructor



Certification: Completion of the 500 hour Teacher Training through the Body Arts and Science International (BASI Pilates) Program.

As a native from Georgia, Berry found her way to Jackson in 2006. From a very young age she was highly involved in gymnastics as well as cheerleading. Similarly to Pilates, both of these sports require balance, efficiency, precision and coordination. Berry’s first introduction to Pilates was during her preparation for a hip arthroscopy. Pilates was also the main focus for rehabilitation from the procedure. Quickly she saw that the physical and mental benefits of Pilates were remarkable.

When I am not in the studio practicing Pilates you can find me skiing, mountain biking and rock climbing. As a mother of two little ones we spend most of our time in the Summer on the river, in the mountains and camping, while Winters we are primarily skier focused.

Call 307.206.9446 or email to book a private.

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Esther Hill Pilates Instructor



Certification: BASI

Esther has a passion for the art of expression and movement. At a young age she started training in and teaching gymnastics, dance and swimming. Each of these early sports gave Esther a strong foundation with their emphasis on breath control and lengthening. In college, she started working towards a minor in dance. During her master’s, Esther studied anatomy and completed the BASI Pilates’ graduate teacher training. Esther loves teaching both private and group Pilates because she gets to inspire the joy of focused attention & concentration along with body awareness & harmony. She enjoys learning and continues to perfect her practice in hopes that she can help those she works with reach their goals. She looks forward to meeting and working with individuals from all walks of life here in Jackson.

Call 307.206.9446 or email to book a private.

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Full Body Reformer Flow
50 min Level 1/2
Rest and Release with the Foam Roller
24 min Level 1/2
Full Body Refresh
41 min Level Level 2
Full Body Bosu Wake-up
57 min Level 2
Unilateral Stability Mat Class
24 Level 1/2
Twist It Out Mat Class
41 min Level 2

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