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Align Pilates

Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole's premier pilates studio offering both group and private pilates instruction.

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Based in Jackson Hole and run by long time resident and Pilates devotee Laura Modena, Align Pilates provides a beautiful studio space to help clients enhance their physical performance.

Challenge yourself with private, semi-private and group Pilates classes to test your mind and body. We offer thoughtful teachings, attention to detail and careful instruction to individuals of all skill levels and physical capabilities.

The studio is equipped with 3 reformers, a cadillac, 3 chairs, an avalon chair with ladder barrel, and multiple props to enhance your Pilates practice. Please stop in and see what we are all about!

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Single / Drop In
  • Senior Instructor Private - $100
  • Private – $90
  • Duet – $55
    (Per Person)
  • Semi Private – $45
    (Per Person)
  • Group Reformer – $40
    (Per Person)
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5 Punch Pack
  • Senior Instructor Private – $475
  • Private – $425
  • Duet – $260
  • Semi Private – $200
  • Group Reformer – $175
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10 Punch Pack
  • Senior Instructor Private – $900
  • Private – $800
  • Duet – $500
  • Semi Private – $350
  • Group Reformer – $300
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Laura Modena Pilates Instructor


Owner & Senior Instructor

Certification: Body Arts and Sciences International (BASI)

Laura received her Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Body Arts and Sciences International. She has received multiple continuing education certificates with an emphasis on Pilates for injuries and rehabilitation in conjunction with, and after, Physical Therapy.

Laura has also completed the full Legacy Training certification (Mentor, Master I, Master II and Honors Programs) through Body Arts and Sciences International expanding her knowledge of the master level repertoire and teaching methodologies.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Laura moved and ventured to the Pacific Northwest to receive her B.A. in Economics from the University of Washington. After a summer travel adventure in South America, skiing in Chile and Argentina, she was lured to Jackson and fell in love. She loves the benefit of Pilates and integrative fitness in addition to her passion for skiing, paddle boarding, biking and hiking. Laura believes a solid Pilates regimen complements an active lifestyle; building the strength, stability and agility to enhance performance in everything we do.

Call 307-206-9446 or email to book a private.

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Michelle Gannon Pilates Instructor


Partner & Senior Instructor

Certifications: Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates, Barre, Balanced Body Integrated Movement Specialist

Michelle has been practicing Pilates since 2007 and teaching since 2011. She studied with master trainer and Balance Body faculty member Tom McCook. Upon completion of her certification, Michelle was offered a rare position on Tom’s staff, however, knowing she and her husband had some relocation in their future she instead chose to create her own business, ‘Need Balance Pilates’. Michelle operated Need Balance Pilates in many locations including California, Texas, the Caribbean, and finally here in Jackson Hole where she is now partnering with Laura at Align.

Michelle has continued her education throughout the years with a focus on rehab protocols, pre and post natal and training the brain to train the body. Most of her career has been working side by side with Physical Therapists and jointly rehabbing patients.

As a Pilates instructor, Michelle focuses on the mind-body-connection to help her clients develop the balance, strength and flexibility that will assist them not only in their athletic endeavors, but in everyday movement in life. She has worked with every level of fitness, from the professional athlete to the weekend warrior to those who are just beginning their fitness journey. Her clients range in age from 12 to 90, all reaping the benefits that both Pilates and functional movement have to offer.

Call 307-699-8689 or email to book a private.

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Tiffaney Mylott Pilates Instructor



Certification: The Pilates Center

Tiffaney was first introduced to Pilates while in physical therapy for disk degeneration and 2 herniated disks in her low back. After years of chronic pain she began to find a decrease in her symptoms eventually leading to a pain free spine and a passion to share this method with others.

She attended The Pilates Center (TPC) in Boulder for her initial 1000 hour comprehensive classical Pilates teacher training. As well as recently graduating from their Masters Program she is also a host advisor for The Pilates Center, allowing her to mentor trainees through TPC’s rigorous educational programs.

With a background in classical ballet, modern dance, and yoga she has always been drawn to movement. As well as being a Pilates Method Alliance certified teacher, her other trainings include a 300 hour yoga teacher training and a 900 hour massage therapy certification. Pulling from years of teaching yoga and doing massage therapy, Tiffaney brings a keen eye for alignment and noticing imbalances in the body and movement patterns. She is thrilled to be back in her hometown of Jackson to share this powerful method with others.

Call 208-270-0258 or email to book a private.

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Emma Williams Pilates Instructor



Certification: Cara Reeser Pilates

Since moving to Jackson in 2001, Emma’s love of adventure and the outdoors has kept her busy with trail running, mountain biking, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing. She attended the University of Wyoming for a BA in psychology and Samuel Merritt University for her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy. After working in various patient settings, she found her true passion specializing in oncology rehabilitation and lymphedema therapy. Beginning in 2018, advanced certifications in breast, head, and neck cancer rehabilitation introduced Emma to Pilates as a rehabilitation tool for individuals going through cancer treatment. This initial introduction led Emma to fall in love with Pilates, and in 2020 she completed BASI Pilates' 500 hour comprehensive teacher training program. Emma believes that her personal Pilates practice has helped her have more fun in the mountains by improving her posture, movement patterns, mobility, and strength. She sees Pilates as an exciting tool, which can help people feel better across all aspects of life, in addition to facilitating recovery from illness or injury.

Call 828-467-2200 or email to book a private.

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Berry Burton Pilates Instructor



Certification: Completion of the 500 hour Teacher Training through the Body Arts and Science International (BASI Pilates) Program.

As a native from Georgia, Berry found her way to Jackson in 2006. From a very young age she was highly involved in gymnastics as well as cheerleading. Similarly to Pilates, both of these sports require balance, efficiency, precision and coordination. Berry’s first introduction to Pilates was during her preparation for a hip arthroscopy. Pilates was also the main focus for rehabilitation from the procedure. Quickly she saw that the physical and mental benefits of Pilates were remarkable.

When I am not in the studio practicing Pilates you can find me skiing, mountain biking and rock climbing. As a mother of two little ones we spend most of our time in the Summer on the river, in the mountains and camping, while Winters we are primarily skier focused.

Call 307.206.9446 or email to book a private.

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Esther Hill Pilates Instructor



Certification: BASI

Esther has a passion for the art of expression and movement. At a young age she started training in and teaching gymnastics, dance and swimming. Each of these early sports gave Esther a strong foundation with their emphasis on breath control and lengthening. In college, she started working towards a minor in dance. During her master’s, Esther studied anatomy and completed the BASI Pilates’ graduate teacher training. Esther loves teaching both private and group Pilates because she gets to inspire the joy of focused attention & concentration along with body awareness & harmony. She enjoys learning and continues to perfect her practice in hopes that she can help those she works with reach their goals. She looks forward to meeting and working with individuals from all walks of life here in Jackson.

Call 307.206.9446 or email to book a private.

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Full Body Refresh
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Full Body Bosu Wake-up
57 min Level 2
Unilateral Stability Mat Class
24 Level 1/2
Twist It Out Mat Class
41 min Level 2

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